smoker’s delight

Before I got into design I went to film school. And this was the movie that got me into the film program at Concordia University in Montréal.

I filmed it with my Dad’s old 8mm camera and used my good friend Sam to act as the “smoker”, then sent the film of to Texas for development - the only place I was told that would still develop 8mm film at the time.

Once my film returned, I started cutting it with scissors and taping it together with scotch tape.  This took a long time because I had no story in mind when I filmed it. All I knew was I wanted to film my friend Sam in a big field and also have him smoking (he’s not even a smoker). The “story” came during the editing stage. It is a dream within a dream. Sam is dreaming of smoking and then once smoking is taken to yet another dream where he is running in an open field.  Yeah… anyway – I was twenty and thought I was being pretty cool making a film.

The interesting part happened after I edited my film and ran it through a projector so I could transfer it to video tape. Each edit caught on the projector  (remember the scotch tape) creating a jarring jump effect. I was running out of time to submit it and patience so I left them in and when scoring the music/sound added a large industrial crash sound effect to sync up with the film being caught.

So there you go, a Paul Lopes original. Enjoy!

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