Another film school short. 16 mm black and white shot with a Bolex camera in 1997. This time with a background soundtrack – the amazing Esquivel!


similarity purpose

My first film school film. Shot in 1995 on a 16mm hand cranked bolex camera in black and white with no sound (all requirements of the class assignment). The title comes from something David Wisdom once said on CBC Night Lines.

still from short film smokers delight

smoker’s delight

Before I got into design I went to film school. And this was the movie that got me into the film program at Concordia University in Montréal. Seems so archaic relative to all the slick and complex video/computer generated shorts the kids are doing these days.

dog breath album cover

dog breath

Going for a definite 90’s vibe here. Lot’s of chuck d style samples and some heavy detuned 808 kick drum sounds. And some beastie boys paul’s boutique like cow bell in the mix.


2 many DJs

I volunteered to design a series of posters for a local bass music event. This one aptly titled 2Many DJs. I tried to include a bit of humour and some retro robots but in the end the Robot, Mr.T and the Transformers never made it to print.