Interview with designer Arnaud Mercier

I was in shock when I learned that Arnaud had passed away. We had been “internet friends”, as he called it, but internet friends who had met in real life. We fell out of touch after he returned to France but I can still remember driving him across Vancouver for a decent cup of coffee or sitting with him in the basement at Blast Radius where he showed me the Nike project he was working on. Arnaud was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia on September 14, 2011 and died days later on September 26, 2011.

Despite how crude and breif my profile on Arnaud is, I’m going to leave it up so others may gain a glimpse of how I knew Arnaud. His work to this day continues to inspire me and for that, I want to say thanks (again) Arnaud. View a full biography and retrospective of Arnaud’s work on the Area 17 site.


Originally posted on in 2002

Arnaud Mercier is a veritable web superstar. He has received many awards for his work and his personal website including the Communication Art Award of Excellence, Cannes Cyber Lions Finalist, a Gold Clio, and the Biennial Young Creators of Europe Award. So you might assume that being super talented and internationally recognized combined with being French would make him a bit of a Prima Donna, right? Au contraire mes amis! Arnaud is unassuming, soft spoken, polite, friendly and what seemed to be very very tired:)

Originally from France, Arnaud is the youngest of four children (he’s 29). He owned and operated his own design studio (elixir studio) in Marseille for a number of years until moving to Vancouver, Canada where he now works for Blast Radius (one of the reasons he’s so tired).


He is NOT a vegetarian, drinks cappuccino, smokes, listens to French house music and likes the movie “Amelie”. He wears cool brown Adidas shoes, carries a small Russian Lomo camera and has had to learn to use a computer keyboard all over again (for those who don’t know, a North American keyboard has a different key layout than one found in France).

His English is good but too much of it tires him out. He misses the culture found in Marseille, but likes the sunny days in Vancouver… and girls if you’re wondering, he’s already taken.

So with that said, here’s what *Arnaud created and produced especially for our profile. Merci Arnaud!!

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